Best Drug Rehab Centers in the South

Drug and alcohol addictions are complicated and multifaceted diseases that require treatment and because of these facts, you might find yourself looking for the best drug rehab centers in the South.

No matter if it is you that is suffering from an addiction or if it is another person in your life that you are trying to help with their struggles, you want to be absolutely certain that you are only choosing from among the best drug rehab centers in the South in order to get effective and successful treatment.

However, if you have never had to look for rehab centers or addiction treatment programs before, you may need some guidance to help you find the right option for you. Learn a few of the important factors to consider and get the help with your addiction you need as soon as possible.

Review the Best Los Angeles, CA Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Centers

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Los Angeles

Find a Drug Rehab Center that is Not in Your Hometown

While you may think that choosing a local option would guarantee that you will find one of the best drug rehab centers in the South, you will want to avoid going to a drug treatment center in your hometown.

One of the important aspects of addiction treatment in a rehab center is to separate yourself entirely from what is familiar and comfortable for you. This separation from the familiar helps to break you out of old habits and patterns that contributed to your addiction and substance abuse.

Additionally, going to rehab in your own hometown, may run the risk of you coming into direct contact with people that you may be trying to get away from. You might see people that you have engaged in substance abuse with, people who have sold drugs to you, or other negative influences in your life that could distract you and derail your progress in your addiction recovery.

If you are going to go all out and go to a rehab center for residential or inpatient treatment, you should find one that is in a different city or even in another state or region of the country (i.e. if you live in the northern Midwest and are looking for the best drug rehab centers in the South).

Choose a Program that Offers a Holistic Treatment Approach

Addiction does not just affect one aspect of your life. While it has a psychological impact that requires psychological counseling like cognitive and behavioral therapy, it also affects the body and can require medical treatments including the use of prescription medications. And even further, there are serious social issues that occur along with substance abuse and addiction as well as spiritual and moral issues.

That means that a drug treatment program that only offers psychological treatments but does not address social or spiritual aspects of the person's addiction may not set recovering addicts up for long-term success.

Holistic treatment programs offer a combination of types of treatments and approaches so that the whole person (mind, body, spirit, and more) is allowed to recover from their addiction. These programs will offer medical treatments including:

. Medical detox

. Psychiatric care

. Cognitive-behavioral therapy

. Group therapy

. Family therapy

. Expressive therapies (i.e. art, drama, & dance therapy)

. Yoga

. Massage therapy

. Biofeedback

Make Sure that Aftercare is Emphasized

Many people are under the false impression that once they go through the few weeks or months of rehab that they will be completely free of their addiction. However, this is not the case and if a person approaches their addiction treatment in this way, they will set themselves up for failure.

According to statistics collected by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, just about fifty percent of all people that go through addiction treatment relapse. This means that they will resume substance abuse and the related patterns of behavior at some point after going through treatment.

One of the best ways to avoid the pitfall of relapse is to find a drug addiction treatment center that emphasizes the importance of addiction aftercare. As the name implies, aftercare is what comes after the initial addiction treatment program.

It can involve basic elements like helping the person find a local staffing agency or vocational training program or can be more involved including assisting the recovering addict get set up with an addiction counselor and therapist for continued therapy, providing group meeting schedules and locations, and even sending the person to a sober living house as a stepping stone before returning home.

The transition home after a stay in even the best drug rehab centers in the South can be tough and can lead to relapse if the recovering addict does not have the right amount of support and continued care.

Programs that emphasize addiction aftercare are concerned with life-long drug use abstinence and sobriety and are willing and able to go the extra mile to ensure that recovering addicts have all of the resources they need to succeed in those goals.

When you keep these factors in mind, you will be sure that you are only considering the best drug rehab centers in the South for your addiction treatment.

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